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Compliance Management System

Tessera is Smart Parking’s mobile app and back office management system designed to enable councils, municipalities and other businesses to efficiently manage parking compliance and enforcement.


Launched in 2020, Smart Parking have added another string to our bow by developing our software to include a compliance management system ideally suited to todays smart cities.


Comprising of an app which we’ve called Tessera, and harnessing the power of our SmartCloud platform, this addition to our suite of technology means that Smart Parking can offer a market leading end-to-end parking management and enforcement system. Starting with our range of vehicle detection hardware, through to smart city building blocks, variable message signage, customisable parking guidance & payment app, and our SmartCloudAPI service packs, this unique range of parking management technology delivers a solution that is ideally fit for purpose in almost any car park asset needing better management.



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Full service compliance case management

Full service compliance case management

The compliance management system is hosted on SmartCloud – Smart Parking’s online platform that has been designed to manage the complete lifecycle of parking monitoring and enforcement.


Live web dashboards provide status and monitoring of both the details of the parking site and warden activity in a visual map-based display, helping to ensure visibility of enforcement status and safety of field personnel.


As well, it provides visibility of a complete work flow process from the initial parking event, to infringement, through the appeals process and final case settlement according to your processes and business rules.


Thanks to powerful data analytics capabilities, business insights and monitoring are maximised and readily available to be viewed in real-time or generated into compliance management reports and dashboards.


The SmartCloud compliance management system is a service module that complements other services that are being hosted in the SmartCloud Platform environment. This enables Smart Parking to deliver a tailored, comprehensive, full service parking management solution for any site


It can be delivered as a stand-alone platform if a site doesn’t require vehicle detection sensors, and is flexible enough to add additional services such as data from sensors in the future, without having to rebuild any programming.


SmartCloud can also be configured to expand across the management of city services such as animal control, refuse collection cycle, utilities and services, and more. This equips the officers and the central office with the benefits of having a unified, consistent management system that ties all compliance aspects of your organisation’s services together for effective day to day operations.

Supporting parking officers

Supporting parking officers

In the field, officers are able to securely login and use the Tessera mobile app to monitor parking sites of any scale.


Compatible with modern Android/iOS smartphones or tablets, the Tessera app allows officers to electronically ‘chalk’ vehicles, input detailed case information, record evidence including photos, view live details on street maps or indoor maps and view the status of compliance cases in real time.


 Officers can also see exactly where enforcement cases need action based on vicinity, priority, age and type.


The app can be used as a stand-alone enforcement management tool, with wardens manually monitoring the area, or for more efficient site management using fewer wardens the app is designed to work in conjunction Smart Parking’s range of vehicle detection sensors


The sensors will alert the compliance officer specifically when vehicles have contravened parking conditions, allowing for swifter action when an infringement occurs. Should an infringement notice or a warning need to be issued, bluetooth mobile printers are supported.


The Tessera app interface is designed to be easily viewed on-street even in bright sunlight, with a clear and concise layout, and training to use it correctly is straightforward and simple.

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