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Councils & municipalities – becoming smart cities

Smart cities. What once used to be a buzz word is now an urban reality, with councils and municipalities across the globe recognising the need to provide a world of convenience, social responsibility and efficiency for communities to thrive.


Smart Parking has been transforming the parking experience and increasing revenues for a huge range of government clients for over ten years. We have adopted a strategy that focuses on differentiation through experience, continual innovation, and value added services, with a special emphasis on smart city integration technology.

NEW Smart City Product Launch

Launched in early 2020, Smart Parking's latest addition to our technology stack is a smart city compliance management platform and app. Designed to monitor and manage large public parking sites, we put innovation to the forefront and use technology to enable parking wardens to efficiently and safely patrol council owned car parks.



Watch the video below and see how we've developed a smart city parking compliance management solution designed to meet the specific needs of councils and municipalities



How Smart Parking delivers our smart city integration technology

How Smart Parking delivers our smart city integration technology

Technology plays a huge role in smart cities. Not only does it offer a real-time view of events, it also provides mountains of data that with good analysis can provide insights into behaviours and trends, meaning city operators can make informed decisions around future planning.


Innovations designed by our in-house R&D and development teams mean we can offer advanced parking information to smartphones and rich information to smart cities via SmartCloud, resulting in greater convenience for motorists and operators alike.


Smart Parking’s solutions have a major role to play in the smart city eco structure, bringing about improvements in convenience, congestion, urban mobility, lower costs, and the delivery of practical information and intelligence. 

Unlocking the power of SmartCloud

Unlocking the power of SmartCloud

By installing a SmartPark system, cities and municipalities across the globe have the ability to not only collect and analyse parking data. They can also – thanks to the open connectivity of our SmartSpots and the highly integrated nature of SmartCloud – connect any other IoT sensor into the system.


This means city operators can manage a raft of smart city services such as public WiFi, surveillance, lighting, air quality, digital displays and more, all through the same data intelligence platform.


SmartCloud is a smart cities IoT platform that no other parking provider can match. Our vision and mission is to develop a cloud-based platform that would enable cities to manage and react to information collected from a connected network of IoT devices, and we continue to do that.

The future is smart cities


The influence of digital smart cities is changing the experience of consumers and setting expectations that shape demand for parking services.


The natural progression of more comprehensive information services has led Smart Parking to extend our technology and services to meet smart city solution requirements. By installing a SmartPark system, a powerful common foundation is established as a base for delivering many other smart city services.

"Smart Parking and Cisco Australia have worked together to complete the critical integration of the industry leading smart parking solution with Cisco Kinetic for Cities Platform. Cisco are committed to bringing the best of breed offerings from our Smart Cities Ecosystem partners to our city customers, and are proud to include Smart Parking in this Ecosystem."

Bud Kapoor

Sales Manager
Cisco Smart+Connected Communities Australia

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