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Smart Parking has arrived at Longbridge Railway Station

Phase 1 of Smart Parking Technology has been deployed at Longbridge Railway Station in their defined use bays. 

The challenges around managing defined use car park bays at Longbridge Railway Station

The challenges around managing defined use car park bays at Longbridge Railway Station

Located in the Longbridge area of Birmingham, Longbridge Railway Station has been in operation since 1978. The station is a hive of activity each day, with a steady flow of trains calling to service over one million passengers a year.


This amount of usage has put additional strain on parking facilities that are monitored by manual patrol. 


With no occupancy monitoring technology, Transport for West Midlands had limited means to understand whether bays were being used by authorised users, which is why they turned to Smart Parking to install technology in their disabled and Save-a-Space bays.

A smart solution for Longbridge Railway Station

In February 2018, Smart Parking deployed our SmartPark system in the station’s customer car park. This included installing sensors in a select number of their defined use bays – both disabled and Save-a-Space – as well as SmartSpots, which relay real-time occupancy information to our SmartCloud.

The SmartPark service pack provides a dashboard of this information, allowing Transport for West Midlands to view analytics and live car park activity, record occupancy levels throughout the day and understand parking patterns for future planning.

Transport for West Midlands are pleased to facilitate Smart Parking’s sensors in select bays at Longbridge Park & Ride. We hope using technology such as this will provide our customers with better information about parking availability, to help inform their journey choice.

Thomas Moore

Area Asset Specialist
Transport for West Midlands

The insights from the system will allow Transport for West Midlands to make provisions for a better, more streamlined parking experience for their visitors. 

Genuine users of the disabled bays will feel confident of a smooth visit, and drivers planning their journey using Save-a-Space will enjoy a better level of customer service. This means the station team can action enforcement where required if unauthorised vehicles is occupying spaces they shouldn’t be.

Information gathered from phase 1 of the installation will be used to determine deployment for more SmartSensors across the car park.